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Samkalp Newdelhi

SAMKALP –¬†Nations Premier Civil Service Coaching Academy

Samkalp-LOGOSamkalp New Delhi has been the unmatched number one in the Civil Service Coaching scenario for over a decade now. The percentage share of success that Samkalp enjoys is increasing year after year. This itself speaks about the quality of coaching Samkalp imparts. There are resource persons who come from WTO Geneva, United Nations , World bank etc to Delhi just to conduct classes at Samkalp for a couple of hours in year. There are also persons who have been Indian Ambassadors or High commissioners in many countries. The amount of firsthand experience they can share with the students is invaluable and immeasurable. Aspirants who attend these sessions remain spell bound because of the depth and penetration they get from such classes, which no book or no other institution across the lengths and breadths of the country can offer. The One week Camp (Disa Bodh Sivir ) conducted at Samkalp for a week in January every year in the biting cold of Delhi is the Rajasooyam in Civil Services for which the aspirants vie to get selected to.


SAMUTKARSH functions in Collaboration with SAMKALP, New Delhi. Samkalp offers guidance in preparing our syllabus, lessons and modules, conducting faculty training programs and also faculty interchange programs. Senior faculty members from Samkalp visit us and conduct classes for students and parents. Our students and faculty members would be given opportunities to visit Samkalp and have experience of the way training goes on there. Senior members and advisors of Samkalp would visit our classes, seminars and camps in coming years to give guidance and advices to our students and parents.